Asleep at the Gates

Saw these guys performing on the street yesterday and was blown away. Natural raw talent. They dont even know how good they are.

Go to their Facebook page and like them. Leave comments on the Youtube link. They deserve it.

A great man once said…

It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.
– Aristotle Onassis

Rock and Soul… I got MINE.


I don’t know where to go, shall i sit still,

and just listen to silence.

I hear the drops of the sweat hit the floor,

I have nothing left to live for.

I am just who I am. Can it be, this is what I have become.


I hold my head up high, while standing on my head.

Down, faced with the truth, blind I walk forward.

What you thought?

Recognition not needed, the memo stated that I’d stay,

definition of imagination in a wild place,

Tail spin in and out of control with word play,

Momentum of an unstoppable force on the highway.

The paint notates the breaks and the lane change,

the face of a franchise built to maintain,

the reverence of youth towards technology and hope,

Who out lasted the Hurricane in a wooden row boat.

I don’t float, I cascade the thought process,

and overwhelm with simple lines that pass optics.

The bodily object, is perfection and repetition,

no trepidation traveling a post modern mission.


The Unseen

I used to think potential was a good thing,

it only serves to remind us what we’ve yet to achieve.

Potential has let my heart dream,

but the unattainable is hard to believe.

No word has been more inspiring and devastating,

hard relating?

Not for the dreamer. We live life in the moment..

We live life in the maybe, with the onus,

on the future.

Follow my lead, and maybe we can lead ourselves,

its hard to tell what the moment brings,

but with potential there’s always a future.

You got a dream, protect it…


Someone to Watch Over me

Ella Fitz Dub. One of the greatest.

Truely Inspired Doughnut